Why we use microfiber

//Why we use microfiber

Why we use microfiber

Why we use microfiber

Microfiber is a polyester and nylon fiber that is used to make fabric. The fiber is many times smaller than a human hair; when woven together, the fibers create a net-like surface that traps more dirt, debris and moisture than cotton. The nylon in the microfiber has a static charge that pulls in and traps dirt until the fiber is washed. Also, microfiber mops uses much less water and requires minimal solvents to clean effectively. Finally, because microfiber mops weigh less than traditional mops, workers experience less back strain and fatigue from use.

Microfiber is simply a superior cleaning material.

Advantages include:

  1. The fibers absorb 7x their weight in water.
  2. Just using water and microfiber removes 99% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.
  3. Microfiber can be laundered and reused 400-500 times.
  4. The fabric dries in one-third the time of traditional cotton cloths.
  5. Microfiber reduces slip and falls as floors dry faster than when cleaned with conventional mops.
  6. Because of the fibers’ net-like structure, microfiber mops have more surface contact with the floor and remove more dirt than cotton mops do.

Sanitizing Microfiber Cloths

If you’re considering purchasing a microfiber-cleaning tool for your home or business, our only advice is to clean it properly. Microfiber cloths and mops should be washed by themselves, as lint from other materials tends to cling to them.

If possible, use a small amount of liquid rather than powder detergent so that fewer residues attach to the absorbent microfibers. There is no need to use bleach, fabric softeners or very hot water, and doing so may reduce the effectiveness and life of your microfiber cloth.

Finally, microfibers dry quickly with low or minimal heat and since high temperatures can melt the fibers, you should avoid them in both the washing and drying cycles. So it’s easy – just use a little bit of liquid detergent and cool or warm water to clean your microfiber and use the fluff or low setting to dry it.

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