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About us

our team

  • Abdul
    Abdul is an expert with carpet, tiles and grout....
  • Farangis
    Thorough Home Cleaning...
  • Robert
    Sales and Estimate Specialist...
  • Kamila
    Home Cleaning Specialist...
  • Sami
    Machine Specialist...
  • Jun
    Office Cleaning Specialist...
  • Victor
    Handyman Services...
  • Gabriel
    Client Services...
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who we are

Cleaning Unlimited provides cleaning services for both residential and commercial areas in Southwest Florida. We know that ‘looking’ clean is not enough but the place should be rid of the unseen bacteria and germs. We specialize in maintaining the highest standard when it comes to professional cleaning.

Why Choose Us

Aside from the professional cleaning team we are proud of, our company is recognized around Southwest Florida, to be the most efficient when it comes to cleaning business and residential spaces. Plus, the quality of our cleaning services remains unmatched. Many are trying to keep up with us but no other cleaning services can come even close to our performance in the field of professional cleaning.

Effective disinfectants
The Best and Latest Cleaning Equipment
Quick completion of work
Advanced technology to accomplish every task

The secret is that our cleaning is not limited, what we do is Cleaning Unlimited. So when it comes to the right professional cleaning company, don’t ever forget to contact us. We are always looking forward to serve you with the highest quality cleaning services there is. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote.

Our Mission

To provide high quality cleaning services to our customers through our experience and skills in professional cleaning. We want to make each business and residential area here in Florida clean and sanitized which is the reason why we never stop improving the services we render.

Our Staff

We have hired only the best personnel in the cleaning industry; people who already have several years of experience in this area, and people who take their work seriously. These personnel still undergo rigid training to gather more knowledge about the latest updates when it comes to cleaning. They have also mastered the equipment and the chemicals used in order to do an excellent job.

Our Vision

We want to see every businesses and residential house in the Southwest Florida area and around clean and sanitized.

Only the Highest Quality Service

Quality service is our trademark and you can rely on us to provide that to you. We work hard to improve our services to satisfy every need of our customers. We use the latest techniques that safe and effective. When we speak about quality, you can be confident that the result of our service is beyond satisfactory.