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Cleaning Unlimited: For Residential Areas

Home is where the heart is and nothing beats the thought of coming home after a long exhausting day relaxing in the couch in your spotlessly clean house smelling wonderful. Weekly, monthly move-in, move-out, deep cleaning.


The Kitchen and Dining Area

According to studies, the kitchen is one of the dirtiest part of the house. Keeping it clean is very important since this is where we prepare our meals. Unsanitary conditions in the kitchen may cause diseases that will make you sick when bacteria get into the food that you are preparing. You may be able to clean the outer surface but not the corners where these bacteria lurk. Cleaning Unlimited has special disinfectants that can kill 100% bacteria even on hard-to-reach areas. Dine with confidence since you can be sure that the place you are eating is clean and the place where you prepared the food was sanitized.

The Living Room

The first place you’ll see as you enter the house is the living room. This is where most visitors will stay before they go anywhere else. This is the reason why you should keep it clean since you will never know what may already be thriving on your carpets and sofa. Our professional staff can clean this area thoroughly from every corner so you can be confident to present this area of your home.

The Toilet

One of the hardest areas to clean is the toilet area. Let Cleaning Unlimited do this task. We’ll make sure that even the hard to reach areas are clean of mold and grime. Be confident that the area is sanitized and safe to use.

The Bedroom

After a hard day’s work, all we want is to lay down in the comfort of the bed. This is the reason why this area should also be clean. Cleaning Unlimited can clean every corner of this room and remove the hard-to-remove dirt that you find impossible to get rid of.

Trust Cleaning Unlimited to be the Overall solution to your residential cleaning needs. With our help you will not only be able to live a healthy life, but also impress others with a sparkling home. We can reach your home anywhere you are in Florida.

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